Guinea_sm_2008This is the final part of a recent Newsletter, updated as appropriate.

Koukoudé, a fishing village
Koukoude is a very poor village a few hours from Conakry. Junior and FM, the 2 leaders are under a lot of pressure but they are holding on. They did their 4 first baptisms this year.

The school is still carrying on. It sent its first pupils to the NPSE (National Primary School Exam) May 2014.

Because of financial difficulties, the building project is frozen and the building we are now renting is getting more and more expensive. With only €5,000 we could build our school in Koukoudé. 

Jubilee School, Conakry – ‘Education for all in an atmosphere of love and respect’
In spite of all our difficulties, the school is doing well. We have a real team of teachers working together around Maina, the principal. Nigel Ring came in April to evaluate our work here and to make a video showing the school.

We are hoping that the school will be able to re-open imminently but ebola has prevented this in recent weeks. We are hoping for an increase in the number of students for the school year 2014-2015. When we were still powerless Christ died for us… (Romans 5)

The British ambassador made it possible for the school to be repainted in October 2013! He even joined in with his paintbrush!

Education is one of the keys for Guinea. By offering the community that surrounds us access to a good education for all (whether the child be rich or poor, a boy or a girl, Christian or Muslim) we are bringing the Kingdom of God closer. Our Church is called Light for the Nations. And, just as light shines over all men, we want the love of God to be known to all. Our schools are a means to fulfil this goal.

These past 2 and a half years we had the pleasure to welcome George and Gill Tee, Nigel Ring, Dave and Lesley Nunn, and Moumouni Koudougou and a team from the Paris Church.

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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4: 6-7)

There are many areas of need:

  1. Leaders
    – At least 50 elders in the next 10 years!
    – That the young Christians would take their place in the Church.
    – Weddings
    – Church plant strategy: 1st plant before December
    – Leaders’ training strategy: train to train, disciple to disciple
  2. Human
    – Musicians
    – Administrator
    – Women’s training
    – Teachers for the Jubilee School’s Science department (English speaking)
  3. Finance
    – Building project
    – New Buses
    – Helping poor people (see below)
    – Chairs
    – Jubilee schools in  Conakry & Koukoudé

Helping the poor, with an encouraging update

In the October Newsletter, we met this
Helping the PoorHelping the Poor 2young woman who had been run over by a motorbike 2 years ago. Since she is poor, she wasn’t well treated and was in a great deal of pain especially since her leg broke again. Obviously she had to stop going to school. She needed €250 to avoid being amputated.

However, after the letter was sent, someone sent the money to perform the operation she needed. The timing was incredible. She was in hospital hoping that God would answer her prayers and ready to be amputated because the pain was unbearable. The money arrived just in time.

She no longer has a fibula. The doctor explained to us that there was just enough skin and bone to try a bone transplant on her hip. The operation went well.

Nearly every day we have people like her coming to ask for help from us. We need a contingency fund to help the worst cases like her (She gave us her permission to take and use these photographs).


That completes the update from Nicolas. Guinea needs your prayers and support. The church is a real beacon of light in the midst of huge challenges and difficulties. Not only is ebola exacting a great toll on the community, both directly and indirectly, but the great poverty and poor infrastructure make daily living a struggle. I will be sharing more shortly but if you wish to become involved please write to me via this email.


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