Newfrontiers in the UK – an Update

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It seems appropriate for the first posting on my refreshed website to be an update of the situation with Newfrontiers. Following Terry Virgo recognising fifteen apostles as the dispersed leadership of Newfrontiers in 2011 a redefinition took place. From being a 'family of churches' Newfrontiers became a 'group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission'. As part of this transition Steve Tibbert, leader of King’s Church, London, was invited to facilitate a gathering from time to time of the apostles who have responsibility for churches in the UK. This now happens for two days three times per year, primarily for fellowship and prayer - and lots of laughter! In this way the 'apostolic spheres' have intentionally become both autonomous and inter-dependent. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting with Steve to ask him to…
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A New Website!

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Welcome to my new website! I launched this site in 2009 to share my passions and experience for good Church Administration and Ministry with the Poor. The title ‘Feeding 5000 is no picnic…’ was supposed to embrace these emphases. Then, when I came to ‘retirement’ in 2011, I felt God say that I should focus my own future ministry on two main areas: 1. Helping people and churches reach out to those who are Poor or in need, and 2. Capacity Building – training and equipping. New content I am encouraged by the number of people who continue to follow my blog and who contact me. Thank you supporters! Accordingly the site has been redesigned and includes more content, particularly Resources: Books, Videos and Audio recordings. There is a lot…
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Building a Culturally Diverse Multi-site Church

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Over the past five weeks we have considered what is required to build a multi-site church, basing it on the experience with Emmanuel Church, Brighton. I want to conclude this series with the experience of Kings Church, London which changed to a multi-site church in 2011. A few years ago King's Church, Catford, as it was at that time, outgrew their building. They were also in a part of London which included very diverse cultures. In this conversation Steve Tibbert shares some of the issues they address as they grow, currently being on three sites with plans to open a fourth one in the next few months. They have been very intentional in approaching the diverse cultural differences in their congregations and have sought to build an integrated culturally-diverse church. This is part of their…
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Africa Study Bible – Book Recommendation

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This is a remarkable Study Bible, a ‘must’ for every African or anyone who loves Africa. Goal The goal of the African Leaders who produced this study Bible was to ‘help us grow strong in Jesus Christ and to give us insight about God’s word to the continent and to the world as God’s word through African eyes’. Why ‘African’? As a study Bible this one is full of illustrations and teachings to apply the scripture culturally to everyday life in Africa. It includes excellent articles and ‘learn notes’ interwoven with the biblical text to help the reader apply what he or she has been reading to their own cultural situation. There are 130 of these. Articles include topics such as ‘Caring for God’s Creation’ (following Genesis), ‘African Traditional Beliefs…
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Building Churches in deprived areas – Day Conference

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  Saturday February 10th 2018. 10am - 4pm St Peters Baptist Church, Eden Close, Worcester, WR5 3TZ   This day conference is aimed at those who either are thinking of or are in the process of planting a Church or congregation in a deprived area in the UK. The day will be hosted by Jim Harper and Colin Baron. The speakers are Martin Charlesworth and Nick & Christina Hoult. Martin is the co-author of 2 books “The Myth of the Undeserving Poor” and “A Church For The Poor”. Martin will be speaking from his vast experience from being the senior pastor of Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury, to his role as team leader of Jubilee+ and his extensive research from his latest book “A Church For The Poor”.   Nick…
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Zimbabwe – a Day of Change, a call to Prayer

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  Remarkable changes are taking place in Zimbabwe. Let’s look at recent events. Recent history Tuesday November 14th According to a post on Scott Marques’ Facebook page church leaders ‘had the joy of being lead by the President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Dr Shingi Munyeza - at the national AGM - in what felt like extraordinarily sincere repentance by the church. We turned away from all trust in man, all trust in money, all idolatry, all hatred, all corruption, all greed, all bitterness, and all sin which has had devastating sway in the church, let alone the nation as a whole. We cried out to God that He would work out His purposes WITH US, and then THROUGH US to the nation. I was greatly inspired by this…
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