Videos on Church Administration and other matters

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Several months ago I was asked to prepare some videos for the Newfrontiers Bible School in Nigeria. I realise I never made these more widely available but think they would be of great help to many people working in church administration. They appear in my YouTube channel Feeding 5000 is no picnic….. There is associated reading with some of the talks, as shown in the side panel. Here are the links: The Gift of Administration Administration in the Bible is a spiritual gift. It is a ministry that not only helps a church to function effectively but also helps liberate leaders and members to serve and realise their potential according to their talents and spiritual gifts Event Management - Jesus style When Jesus fed the 5000 he modeled how to…
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A one-day workshop for Administrators

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Are you a Church Administrator? An Office Manager? A PA to a church leader? I was delighted to accept an invitation to speak at this workshop which seeks to help you explore your gifting and turn vision into reality. Administration is a spiritual gift that is much needed in our churches today, and I am pleased to have an opportunity to pass on some of what I learnt during over 30 years working with Terry Virgo as his administrator and on the wider scene within the Newfrontiers family of churches. As you will see, the event is being hosted by New Life Church in Milton Keynes. To enable as many people as possible to attend they have kept the price low - just £15, which includes lunch. For more details…
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The joy of Serving

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A serving spirit I love being with people who have a serving spirit! Last week we had a great 'away day' with the team who were the ‘behind the scenes' people at TOAM. The purpose was to say ‘thank you' to them and to mark the end of over three decades of running major events for the Newfrontiers family. These began in 1979 with the Downs Bible Weeks (there is a video on this link). They were followed in 1991 with the Stoneleigh Bible Weeks and finally the TOAM conferences which began in 1990 though, in their present form as an annual conference with two streams, Leaders and Mobilise, they have taken place since 2002. We had with us some from Endis, the team who have served us with the…
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Together on a Mission – the final one

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The final one Last week marked the end of the TOAM conferences in Brighton, the home city of Terry Virgo, founder of Newfrontiers. The first biennial Leadership Conference was in 1990, but after the Stoneleigh Bible Week ended we started to hold them annually, from 2002, combining them with Students and Twenties under the banner of Mobilise. Three years ago Mark Driscoll, our guest speaker from Seattle, USA, challenged us to prepare for transition to the next generation of leadership. He suggested allowing five years to accomplish this. Prophetic leading Obedient to what we believed was a word from God we have worked steadily seeking Him for guidance and planning for the future. This final TOAM marked an important turning point in that process. There is still much to do…
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Apostolic Administration Forum

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We are approaching a major transition in the family of churches we call Newfrontiers. As we continue to grow God has shown us that we need to become a network of apostolic spheres (as in the New Testament) rather than be centred predominantly on one person, Terry Virgo, the father of Newfrontiers. In February God spoke to me that I should gather some of those who will be helping administrate these spheres in a practical way, supporting those with apostolic gifting. And so it was my joy to gather nearly 20 men and women for three days at a Forum during the week preceding the Newfrontiers Together on a Mission Conference in Brighton, which begins today, July 12th. Cross cultural exchange The atmosphere of the Forum was ‘everyone a teacher everyone…
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Planning and Implementation – Pt 7 – Creating a timeline

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Continuing the series on Planning we will now look at creating timelines. Timelines A timeline is a critical ‘driver' in achieving the end goal. Like a map it provides a constant reference against which progress towards a target can be measured at any point in the journey. It is a monitoring tool. And so it is worth taking sufficient time and effort in creating it to ensure that it is realistic. There are various ways of producing a timeline but I will consider two here: an Activity Table and a Bar Chart. I have found that the first helps me with planning an event where there are critical dates by which certain activities must be achieved, such as a conference. The second is more visual and is valuable where there…
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