What do you want to leave behind?

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Jesus said ‘It is finished’ as he hung on the cross and yielded up his spirit. This was no cry of relief that the pain was over but rather a shout of victory! Will you be able to say someday ‘It is finished’ with the same confidence that Jesus had? Do you know what your ‘it’ is? Will you have faithfully fulfilled ‘it’?

Recently I ended a series ‘Grace-filled or Grumpy?’ addressed to those in their later years. I thought I had finished, but have just watched this video ‘What do you want to leave behind’ by one of my heroes, Simon Guillebaud, who ministers selflessly in Burundi, and I felt I should add a postcript. He talks about his grandmother who was a missionary in Rwanda and was part of the East Africa Revival. She fruitfully and faithfully ‘ran the race’ until her dying day at the age of 86.

This ‘Post Script’ applies to us all, whatever our age. I urge you to watch it, be inspired and be challenged: What do you want to leave behind, or pass on to others?