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Lost relations, lost homes, lost livelihoods
The typhoon which received wide publicity towards the end of 2013 caused devastation to many thousands of people as it swathed through the central part of the Philippines. Many lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. Many in the family of Newfrontiers of churches around the world made generous contributions. Some sent donations direct to the Philippines others contributed to an appeal fund launched through this blog which raised over £33,000. Thank you!

Fresh hope
In May Mike Irving made a visit to the affected area. Mike serves Peter Brooks in Australia as he brings oversight to the ministry in the Philippines. Here is his encouraging Report which was published on the Pacific Rim website. I hope you will be encouraged that your donations have been well spent!

Thank you for your support and for standing with our brothers and sisters. It is hoped that in due course a new church will be started out of this tragedy.


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