Here are two resources I strongly recommend – a book (The Myth of the Undeserving Poor) and a conference. Both come from the Jubilee+ initiative of Newfrontiers in the UK which helps individuals and churches engage with the needs of those who are poor or disadvantaged.

First I will tell you about the conference.

Faith + Justice Conference. Milton Keynes, UK.
Saturday February 7th 2015

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What is your real attitude to politics? Do you find them a turn-off?
In the UK, Christians tend to be more likely to vote in elections or even be members of political parties than the average member of the public. However, many Christians would say they don’t ‘get’ politics, don’t care about them, or simply don’t understand the difference between the political parties. They may hold strong views on education or the NHS, for example, but somehow there is a disconnect between their experiences of and passion for these areas and their thoughts about politics.

The General Election is imminent, only 167 days to go (May 7th 2015). Just as Jubilee+ and many Newfrontiers churches are at the forefront of social action, so we must not shrink from the public sphere but take our seat at the table and make a positive difference for the common good when addressing issues and policy. We want to encourage Christians to get involved in politics. We believe that Christians have a unique, specific contribution to make to the decision-making process.

Thinking biblically
To help you engage effectively and meaningfully with politics and the election we are convening the Faith + Justice Conference in February. We will be exploring some of the hottest  topics in our society today: immigration, welfare and benefits, the economy, and life issues. How can we think biblically on these matters, and on political engagement in general?

We are partnering with the Evangelical Alliance, Care and Tearfund. Christians in Politics will also be there, as will representatives from the three main political parties.


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It is for you!
Whether you’re not sure what politics has got to do with faith, or you’re politically active already, this event will equip and inspire you to engage with the issues of our day and empower you to play your part in public life.

To save 20% on the registration fee, book your place by 9 January 2015. But since you may forget to do so with Christmas intervening why not do it now?! Click here.



The Myth of the undeserving Poor – A Christian response to poverty in Britain today
Next time I will share about the book but if you cannot wait here is a link.








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