Gospel Impact
As I travel to churches helping them think through the key issues to launch a ministry with the poor I invariably contrast what the church has to offer compared to secular NGOs and aid agencies. There are areas of similarity and areas of contrast. The biggest contrast is that we have a ‘secret ingredient’ – the Gospel. We are able to approach the ministry God has laid on our hearts knowing that we go into situations in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Angela Kemm
I first met Angela in 1987. Working out of what is now called Jubilee Church, a Newfrontiers church in Cape Town, South Africa, Angela regularly stepped out of her comfort zone and went into the communities living in tents and corrugated iron screen-shot-2012-03-26-at-1111331shacks on the sands of Cape Flats. She fell in love with these people, praying for the sick and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. When apartheid collapsed in 1994 that community was the first to receive a government grant (Rs9 million) to build 650 small houses. This success came through Angela helping the people to trust God for the finances and empowering them to lobby government and make application for a grant. The story is told in the video The story of Tambo Village made by a good friend of both of us, Penny Relph, who sadly died of cancer in 2002.

Recently I met up with Angela again; she is now based in the UK at City Hope Church, London. I asked her to share how she applies the gospel when working with people who are poor.

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