Key Indicators help us to improve our practice as we minister to people in need. Before continuing to describe these did you watch the video on the last posting (September 3rd)? If not please read that posting and watch the video now. Try to identify those features which impress you, which you would call ‘good practice’

What you have done is to identify some Indicators of Good Practice. At the end of this posting watch the next video. This is the same as the previous one but I have included the Indicators that seemed to me to be worth noting. However, this is not an exact science so don’t worry if you have different ones – our opinions may differ.

First let us consider:

How can these Key Indicators be used?
There are two ways in which we believe that these Indicators are helpful. First, where churches are planning a particular ministry these Indicators provide a useful check list of both values and practice which may be considered. Since the list is not exhaustive others may occur to you as you plan. However, they do represent a good starting point.

The second way in which they can be useful is in monitoring performance once the ministry is active. By considering each Indicator in turn you can ask yourself whether it describes some element of that ministry and reflect on how you can improve. Such monitoring and evaluation are crucial yet often neglected parts of ministry. Through appropriate questioning, effectiveness is assessed. For example, are the intended outcomes being achieved? Are the processes you are using working well?

The Indicators we shall consider are presented in two groups. The first includes matters related to integration of the ministry within the local church, leadership and the spiritual impact the ministry can make. The second relates to practical issues which may be specific to the ministry or which would apply to all ministries e.g. handling finance.

In the next posting I will reveal the 20 we have identified. Then, in future postings, I will seek to ‘unpack’ some of these Indicators in more detail.

But now, please watch the second video which reveals the Indicators we identified.

Karuna Leprosy Ministry, Mumbai (with Indicators) from Newfrontiers on Vimeo.

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