Although books on marriage abound this one is certainly not ‘surplus to requirements’. I confess I have not yet read every word (it has only recently been released) but I feel it is such a good book that I want to bring it to your attention in time to ask someone to give it to you for Christmas – or for you to buy copies to give away!

Using the imagery of building a house, John Kpikpi (a good friend of many in the Newfrontiers family of churches), together with contributions from his wife Alexandra, has taken a strong Biblical stance in sharing about marriage. Starting with God’s vision for marriage he than moves on to laying a solid foundation before taking us through God’s ‘blue print’ for marriage addressing all aspects one might expect when building the marriage ‘house’.

For all stages
This book is invaluable across the whole spectrum of marriage, from those who are contemplating it through to couples who have been together for decades. It addresses all stages.

Each chapter ends with thought provoking questions that do not allow the reader to avoid considering the issues just read. It is also liberally punctuated with living illustrations.

Added value
This book has one particular unique dimension compared with others. Why? Because John is Ghanaian and Alex is British. But their marriage is neither Ghanaian nor British – it is ‘Kingdom’. They both love the word of God and at the core of all they do this word is their guide. Because the teaching is Biblical this is a book for every couple, whatever their culture. Yet, for those who live in the so-called ‘west’ there is a fascinating cross-cultural dimension which represents significant added value. Not only will it teach you how to build, refresh or strengthen your marriage in God’s way but you will also be enriched as you are exposed to another culture.

The Marriage House is not yet available through Amazon but can be obtained direct from the publisher if it is not already in your local bookshop. Buy it, be blessed and bless others!

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