Planning and Implementation – pt 2 – some basic questions

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As I teach on planning I address two basic questions. One is ‘Why plan?' The other may not be openly expressed but is often close to the surface: ‘Is planning just adopting the world's methods?' 1. Why plan? In my introductory blog I shared on this topic and will enlarge on it further in subsequent postings. Put simply it is the best way of achieving the desired goal with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness. By careful forethought much time and resource can be saved as they are channelled in the most productive direction, and goals will be reached with greater accuracy. I agree with John Maxwell when he said "The longer we spend in preparation the shorter the time in implementation." In contrast I have heard an anonymous speaker quoted:…
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LoveZim Prayer Day

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A Global Day of Prayer I believe that September 26th will prove to have been a significant day in the life and rebuilding of Zimbabwe. Thousands gathered in Zimbabwe in many locations across the nation to pray and commit themselves to becoming involved in the church-initiated programme ‘Trumpet Call' to feed the nation through Foundations for Farming over the next year. There was prayer and repentance among the church leaders from across the streams and denominations. In Bulawayo over 400 pastors stood together on the platform to identify with this initiative. Around the world there was an outpouring of prayer as well. Reports have already been received from nations in many time zones - Canada, South Africa, Australia, France, the UK, Mauritius and USA. In our own church, one of…
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Country report – Visit to Kenya pt 3. Foundations for Farming

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From Zimbabwe to Kenya In March I attended the 6-monthly Foundations for Farming Champions Conference in Zimbabwe. It was a great pleasure to meet two men from Kenya. One, Ashford, I knew from a previous visit to his country when I accompanied him on a medical visit to an unreached people group in Tharaka. He is an Ophthalmologist (eye specialist) so I was surprised to find him attending a Farming Conference! However, I learnt that he had been brought up in a farming environment and was keen to do well. I had not met his colleague before, Peter. He works for the ministry of Agriculture in Kenya as an agricultural advisor. For various reasons I wondered how they would get on in Zimbabwe at the Conference. Why would an ophthalmologist…
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Report on Zimbabwe pt 2 – Rural Poverty

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Following my time in the Harare area a 4 hour drive to Bulawayo took me to the farm of Peter Cunningham, successful ostrich farmer and visionary, who seeks to help empower the poor by ‘out-sourcing’ the husbandry of young ostriches to village people and then buying them back for processing. I was also amazed to hear of some of the ways in which he and his workers have been literally protected by angels from some opposition in recent years. What a mighty God we serve! Kezi On the Sunday I visited Crossroads church in Kezi, a vibrant energetic church meeting in a tent (recently decimated by storms) and ably led by Stephen Manhanga. Over a hundred people attended (some having been unable to do so as they had to stay…
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Report on visit to Zimbabwe pt 1

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A week in Harare Everybody says ‘what good can come out of Zimbabwe?’ I say ‘My glory, My glory will come on the dry bones that laid slain. I have breathed My life into a mighty army of God, the bride of Christ. Like a city on a hill, Your light so shines. ‘And My glory shall be seen in the whole earth as the waters cover the sea. And the whole world will look to this nation and they will believe’. These stirring words were sung at an evening of prophetic singing led by Lou Huck at the Champions Conference in Harare in early March. They epitomise the spirit of hope and expectation in the church at this time. All recognise that the church has a significant role to…
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Meet Dr Shana

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We are very privileged to have Dr Goodwill Shana (who likes to be addressed as ‘Shana’) as a speaker at this year’s Newfrontiers leadership conference, Together on a Mission (TOAM). Shana is President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and has played a key role in bringing the church in Zimbabwe into a significant place of influence in this turbulent era in Zimbabwe’s history. Recently I visited Zimbabwe and had the pleasure of meeting Shana once again. On this occasion I was able to interview him on camera, although his tight schedule and the context gave conditions which were far from ideal for a high quality video. This interview gives us an opportunity to meet the man who will be speaking to us in Brighton. I encourage all Newfrontiers…
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