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I was a member of Church of Christ the King in Brighton for over 30 years. A few years ago one of the members, Liz Woodgate, was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the oesophagus hence the title of this recently published book, Swallowed by Life. It is the story of what happened over the following two years at which time she was declared healed!

I am not going to spoil the wonder by telling you the whole story but it is very remarkable and brings great glory to God. It is certainly a sign that will make you wonder!

The book can also be something of a workshop for us as it teaches us much from the many steps that brought Liz to that wonderful result:

  • Her transparency in her honesty and vulnerability as she faced the diagnosis.
  • The battle she went through both physically and emotionally as she sold all her possessions (including her house) in anticipation of dying.
  • The faith that was exercised by herself, and her family and friends in a remarkable ‘we’re-not-going-to-give-up’ way as they soaked her in prayer on a weekly basis.
  • The tenacity of her sister who contacted a man she knew who had gone through a similar walk – and helped arrange for a visit by him all the way from New Zealand!

I know Liz and the people mentioned in this book and can vouch for its authenticity. You will be blessed to read it. But beware, as Terry Virgo says ‘Once I had picked up the book I couldn’t put it down’. I agree! Leave yourself sufficient time as you read it to complete it at one sitting and to wonder at the majesty and power of God.