The issue of children being accused of being witches would be way outside the experience of most of us. Yet, in some parts of the world, this phenomenon is widespread.  What makes the situation worse is that the resultant child abuse through various ‘deliverance’ practices is often carried out by church leaders, although there are also many church leaders who are working hard to address and stop this form of abuse.

Susie Howe, wife of one of the elders of a Newfrontiers church in the UK, came across this practice while ministering to vulnerable children in Africa. A previous posting tells you about that work. Since she became aware of this practice, she and others she is working with have expended immense energy in trying to stop the practice and to teach church leaders who may be ignorant of Biblical truth, about God’s heart on such matters.

In this conversation with Susie, she shares some of the stories about such abuse and what she is seeking to do in partnership with others, through the coalition Stop Child Witch Accusations, which she helped to found. Parts of the interview are quite disturbing, but I urge you to watch it prayerfully and to be open to the Holy Spirit speaking to you.



Having watched the video you may have further questions. Please refer to the SCWA website where there is a Frequently Asked Questions section.



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