This is my first posting since before Christmas. I hope you had a good break and were able to celebrate the coming of Jesus to Earth for our sakes. Also, that you have entered the New Year full of hope and expectation!

The past month
There have been two significant events in my life in the last month. First, the Newfrontiers office in Hove closed just before Christmas. All enquiries should now be referred to David Devenish’s office in Bedford ( Second, I have just returned from Kenya.s1010017-resize I was there to monitor what is happening through Newfrontiers churches to assist with alleviation of shortages of food and water caused by the long drought they have been experiencing over the last 12 months. They are doing well but I heard many heart-rending stories and will report more fully in due course. However, there is still a desperate need. Rains came a few weeks ago but were so heavy that many of the crops which had been planted were washed out of the ground. Also, those crops that are growing now need further rain which is lacking. If your church has not made a contribution to the Newfrontiers crisis fund for Kenya could I urge you to consider doing so (address below)?

Can I help you?
The last month has also been a month of reflection for me. What does my future hold? I feel that God is saying that in my ‘retirement’ I should continue to be involved with those who are poor or disadvantaged, and that I should also help with ‘capacity building’ (training and empowerment). With this in mind I would love to be able to help churches with their ministries with the poor. For instance, the Ministry Health Check I have developed to help churches assess their ministries and raise the standard of ‘good practice’ is proving invaluable. I would be very pleased to facilitate this process with churches.

imga0001_2-resize1Resistance Fighter
In April I recommended Susie Howe’s excellent book Resistance Fighter. I know that many have read it as a result. I am delighted to say it has now been nominated for the UK Christian Book Awards. I would encourage you to vote for this.

The future
I will now be returning to posting blogs on a weekly basis and the next ones will include a report on the Kenya situation and also the conclusion to my series on Teams. I hope they will be a blessing to you and contribute to advancing the Kingdom in our generation!

Address for contributions to the Kenya Crisis Fund:

You can donate online at Virgin Giving or cheques can be sent, payable to Newfrontiers and marked Kenya Crisis Fund, to:

The Finance Team
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Road
London, SW6 3BU

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