Post Olympics
I hope you enjoyed the Olympics! It seemed a great occasion that lifted the atmosphere in the UK. And wasn’t God good in giving us such fine weather compared to the previous ‘x’ weeks!! Now we are into holiday time in the UK so this will be my last posting until September.

screen-shot-2012-08-16-at-112939Friends First
Church of Christ the King in Brighton has had a ministry to homeless people for about 25 years. Starting with a ‘soup kitchen’ it developed first into a one evening per week drop in for a meal, clothing hand-outs and hearing the gospel. Ten years ago the church purchased a house for 12 people who have demonstrated their desire for help towards independent living, having come off any addictive substances such as drink or drugs. There they are supported and discipled towards move-on housing, about an 18 month programme.

Through the generosity of a local landowner it then became possible to take some of these, and others who were in need of support, to learn some market gardening and grow their own vegetables. At the end of 2010 this resulted in being offered a 6-acre market garden (2½ hectares) and also a farmhouse for a further 5 residents.

The video below tells some of this story. I believe there are many good lessons in it that will help others who may be on the same journey to help those who are disadvantaged in these ways. For further information click here >>

Friends First VIDEO from Newfrontiers on Vimeo.

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