The Book
I have now shared with you the burden of my heart in helping people to find their place of service in the church. As I have already mentioned the material is embodied in the 100 page book Discover and Serve. This includes not only the teaching but all the materials you need to run a course in your church, including extensive Appendices which can be photocopied, and is available from me at £5.99 plus postage.


The Course
The best way to run the course is over a 3-week period, probably in the evenings. There needs to be time for ‘homework’ between each session. On each occasion there is teaching about different aspects of serving and the unique characteristics and qualities a person has to offer, as we have discussed with the Serving Profile. At the end of the evening there should be personal prayer, typically in pairs of participants with another one or two people who join them for this purpose to help guide them and listen to the Holy Spirit. They then go away with assignments for the following week.

The course ends with a personal ‘interview’, for perhaps an hour, with one or two supportive people to help discern what opportunities there are for service. Often in these sessions other issues arise that may be helpful to follow through on a separate occasion.

I am highly motivated about this course! It would be a privilege to lead one in your church if you feel I can be of help. Please contact me on if you would like to discuss this or order a book.

I hope this long series has been both informative and an encouragement. May God bless you as you implement the teaching and apply it either personally or in your church.

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