screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1436435The final part of our Serving Profile considers Temperament and Spiritual Maturity.

This has already been considered in Part 27. People are asked to indicate where they feel they come in considering the following statements by placing X in the box at the appropriate point along the 4-point scale.

1. I prefer working on a project/with people.
2. When carrying out a task I am a better sprinter (i.e. short term motivation)/long-distance runner.
3. When considering a situation I see the detail/broad concepts.
4. I am a better initiator/responder.
5. When carrying out a task I work better alone/in a team.
6. I prefer to act spontaneously/with pre-planning.


The results of this help when considering what part they might play in a team as their particular temperament can complement other team members’ temperaments.

Spiritual Maturity
This too has been thoroughly dealt with as a concept. In practical terms, when looking for serving opportunities, it is important to consult with an individual’s pastoral oversight to ensure that any proposed role is suitable for that person at the particular stage of growth he or she may have reached. Serving can be a great vehicle for developing maturity but it can also crush some people. Wise oversight would be able to give some direction about this.

Two of the measures of any churches success are seen first in the leadership’s ability to develop and release their people into fruitful ministry and second in the serving attitude of the membership. We are a privileged people whom God has called to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. This begins in the Jerusalem of our locality, extends into the environs around that area and then may go to other nations.

I believe passionately that God has given to any local expression of his church all that that church needs to fulfil this commission. The primary vehicle he uses is the people. My prayer is that the series we have been sharing together will contribute to making your church fitter and more effective in fulfilling what God has called you to do.

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