screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1436431As we continue to develop the Serving Profile we shall now take three aspects that are closely related.

Calling, Heart’s Desire
There is often a strong link between Calling and Heart’s Desire. We have already seen how some people are passionate about a specific issue or have a strong sense of specific calling. Others may be more laid back and have seen their calling as more general if, indeed, they have defined it at all. To help people think this through there is another simple self-assessment form I use which gives people the opportunity to reflect prayerfully on any area that God might reveal to them. It also allows them to consider their strengths and weaknesses.

As people meet with their facilitators this assessment form provides a very helpful basis for discussion and prayer. It helps people to focus on possibilities that represent their interests and, in prayer, to ask God for clarification and direction. Further, it gives an opportunity to discuss strengths and weaknesses. A neutral person can be particularly encouraging here by helping identify these with perceptive questioning. He may also be able to suggest ways of building on or correcting them, as appropriate.

The final part of this form addresses the issue of Time. Once again, through discussion it is possible to assess realistically how much time a person has available to serve in the church while not neglecting other important areas of life. This could relate to a regular day (e.g. one Sunday in three), time given while at home (e.g. preparation for teaching children) or to helping with an event (e.g. a week during school holidays). There are many possibilities which can be considered in discussion.

It is important here to combine faith with pragmatics. Some either over-commit, and then find they either let others down by being unable to meet this commitment, or they aim too low, and never fully enjoy the privilege of serving in a sacrificial capacity.

Next time we shall look briefly at Temperament and Spiritual Maturity.

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