Join the blessing of Bible Weeks and Weekends

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The last few weeks have seen Bible Weekends and Festivals up and down the country in the UK. This coming together for teaching, envisioning and fellowship is now a very important and widely attended activity for Christians. What a contrast to a few decades ago when such things did not happen at all. In those days people looked at you aghast to think that anyone would choose to camp in a field and attend meetings in marquees for a whole week of their annual holiday. Over the years enormous blessing has flowed from these initiatives. I love to meet church leaders who tell me they became Christians or were baptised in the Holy Spirit at one of the Bible Weeks organised within the family of Newfrontiers churches – Downs or…
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Succession in Newfrontiers and a visit to Westpoint

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What happened when Terry Virgo ‘handed over’ Newfrontiers? Recently I was speaking with someone who had contact with another stream of churches. That person was commending Terry and Newfrontiers for the way in which succession had been handled when Terry handed over the responsibility for the Newfrontiers family of churches in 2011 to about 15 men who had demonstrated apostolic gifting and ministry. He said that, as a result of what they had observed, his stream of churches was adopting a similar philosophy of ‘sons’ growing up to become ‘fathers’ who would lead the next generation. On arriving home I found this interview in my inbox. Terry had been invited by David Holden to speak at the ‘Newground’ Leadership Conference and shares his perspective on the process and developments over…
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Around the Newfrontiers apostolic spheres – Commission

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  Days of Prayer I have recently had a chance to join yet another apostolic sphere of Newfrontiers, this time for a couple of days of prayer. What a joy! This pattern of prayer for leaders was established in the '80s by Terry Virgo and has been the engine room of much of the blessing that has been enjoyed both in and through the family of Newfrontiers churches for decades. I also took the opportunity to interview Guy Miller - see below. Around 120 leaders gathered in Bournemouth under Guy Miller’s leadership including leaders from Serbia, the Philippines and the Middle East. We were also joined on Skype by Mike Shore from Portugal who led us for a whole session in prayer for Portugal and Spain. It was exciting to…
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