A New Website!

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Welcome to my new website! I launched this site in 2009 to share my passions and experience for good Church Administration and Ministry with the Poor. The title ‘Feeding 5000 is no picnic…’ was supposed to embrace these emphases. Then, when I came to ‘retirement’ in 2011, I felt God say that I should focus my own future ministry on two main areas: 1. Helping people and churches reach out to those who are Poor or in need, and 2. Capacity Building – training and equipping. New content I am encouraged by the number of people who continue to follow my blog and who contact me. Thank you supporters! Accordingly the site has been redesigned and includes more content, particularly Resources: Books, Videos and Audio recordings. There is a lot…
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God answers prayer for Burundi

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            October 8th 2017 As I arrived at the meeting place of Living Hope Church, Bath, one of the Regions Beyond churches in the Newfrontiers family, I received a WhatsApp message from Donna Bloomfield in Burundi. "Yesterday we discovered that 'army worm', a devastating pest, has ravaged a maize crop grown by Albert, our newest team member. This pest has destroyed his whole crop .… and is already destroying crops across Africa. It is on the site next to the community of displaced people we are helping. It seems we therefore can't plant maize with them as planned. We have prophetic words about fruitful farmlands and no more starvation ... so we are on our knees seeking God for a way forward not just for…
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Burundi – Crisis and Hope

Burundi, Poor
Regular readers of my blog will know of my love for and involvement in Burundi. We now have a need and I would really appreciate your financial help. The Problem Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world and one that lives in crisis due to political instability. A few years ago a Burundian friend realised that one of the reasons for so many living in poverty was the cows. He felt God say 'Cows are the problem - cows are the solution'. Since he implemented the 'solution' over 400 families have been lifted out of abject poverty and the number is rising steadily. Why are cows the problem? The traditional Ankole long horned cow is seen as a status symbol - the more you have the greater…
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Building Churches in deprived areas – Day Conference

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  Saturday February 10th 2018. 10am - 4pm St Peters Baptist Church, Eden Close, Worcester, WR5 3TZ   This day conference is aimed at those who either are thinking of or are in the process of planting a Church or congregation in a deprived area in the UK. The day will be hosted by Jim Harper and Colin Baron. The speakers are Martin Charlesworth and Nick & Christina Hoult. Martin is the co-author of 2 books “The Myth of the Undeserving Poor” and “A Church For The Poor”. Martin will be speaking from his vast experience from being the senior pastor of Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury, to his role as team leader of Jubilee+ and his extensive research from his latest book “A Church For The Poor”.   Nick…
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Stop Child Witch Accusations

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The issue of children being accused of being witches would be way outside the experience of most of us. Yet, in some parts of the world, this phenomenon is widespread.  What makes the situation worse is that the resultant child abuse through various ‘deliverance’ practices is often carried out by church leaders, although there are also many church leaders who are working hard to address and stop this form of abuse. Susie Howe, wife of one of the elders of a Newfrontiers church in the UK, came across this practice while ministering to vulnerable children in Africa. A previous posting tells you about that work. Since she became aware of this practice, she and others she is working with have expended immense energy in trying to stop the practice and to teach…
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Zimbabwe – a Day of Change, a call to Prayer

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  Remarkable changes are taking place in Zimbabwe. Let’s look at recent events. Recent history Tuesday November 14th According to a post on Scott Marques’ Facebook page church leaders ‘had the joy of being lead by the President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Dr Shingi Munyeza - at the national AGM - in what felt like extraordinarily sincere repentance by the church. We turned away from all trust in man, all trust in money, all idolatry, all hatred, all corruption, all greed, all bitterness, and all sin which has had devastating sway in the church, let alone the nation as a whole. We cried out to God that He would work out His purposes WITH US, and then THROUGH US to the nation. I was greatly inspired by this…
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