Nigel Ring on January 13th, 2016

Several months ago I was asked to prepare some videos for the Newfrontiers Bible School in Nigeria. I realise I never made these more widely available but think they would be of great help to many people working in church administration. They appear in my YouTube channel Feeding 5000 is no picnic….. There is associated […]

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What is a Serving Profile? We shall be constructing a Profile which will provide the basis of a prayerful discussion with the two facilitators to help find a satisfying and fulfilling place to serve in the church. It has the seven elements we have been considering throughout this series: • Skills/Talents • Spiritual Gifts • […]

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In the concluding part of this section on Spiritual Gifts we consider four more. Tongues A Spirit-inspired ability to speak spontaneously in a language, whether human or angelic, without having learnt it. This gift differs from all the others in that it may be used in two ways, one of which is for the benefit […]

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As we continue to look at the various components that contribute to a person’s ‘serving profile’ in the church we come to the penultimate part in this section on Spiritual Gifts. Prophecy Spirit-inspired speaking out of God’s immediate mind and counsel for the strengthening, exhortation and comfort of His people, and also, on occasion, to […]

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As we continue to consider spiritual gifts and their place in our serving profile we come to three ‘Ms’. Martyrdom Ability to suffer voluntarily/willingly and joyfully for the Lord – even to death. When Paul urged us to ‘earnestly desire’ spiritual gifts this would probably not be the top of many people’s lists! And yet […]

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Hospitality Ability to welcome and to serve, perhaps providing food and shelter to guests or strangers with love and liberality and graciousness, so that they feel ‘at home’ Hospitality is referred to in Rom. 12:13 shortly after the list of spiritual gifts. Although it is not explicitly listed as a spiritual gift, it is generally […]

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Giving Ability to give money, time or resources freely, generously and cheerfully to alleviate the needs of individuals and the church, and to further God’s work. Giving is listed as a spiritual gift in Romans 12:8. However, it is a quality which we are all encouraged to demonstrate as taught in 2 Cor 8, 9. […]

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Continuing to define Spiritual gifts we now look at four more. Discerning of spirits Ability to ‘see’ and identify/perceive the motivating spirit behind words, actions, events or thinking, and to judge whether such spirit is divine, human or demonic This is one of the nine gifts Paul writes about to the Corinthians (1 Cor 12:10). […]

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Administration Those who know me will recognise that I have often exercised this gift. However, that is not the reason for it being first on the list – I am handling the gifts alphabetically! A particular ability to organise/manage the affairs of the church or any part of its work, with skill and wisdom so […]

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Nigel Ring on September 11th, 2013

How many spiritual gifts are there? When teaching on this subject I sometimes get people to give me a guesstimate. There is usually a huge variation; some say nine (probably reflecting 1 Cor 12:8-10), others fifteen (adding another six from Rom 12:7-8). But what about the fivefold gifts of Eph 4:11 which would take us […]

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