Leading a church to minister with the Poor pt 1. Changes in practice for gospel impact

Church culture, Equipping, Newfrontiers, Poor, Simon Pettit
Happy New Year! As we begin a new year I want to share with you over the next few weeks videos I made during a discussion with Andy Cottingham. Andy has been in church leadership both in the UK and South Africa for many years. Churches in which he has been based have always had significant ministries to reach out to those who are poor or in need. In these discussions I asked him to share wisdom from his experience which may help other church leaders, though his responses will be of interest to anyone involved in ministering with the poor since they address underlying values. In this first interview (there will be three more) he addresses some matters to help make the practices of the church more accessible to 'outsiders'. Change If we…
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Are you listening? Pt 1 A listening friend

Equipping, Listening, Simon Pettit
Honouring one another Simon Pettit, well known to many in the Newfrontiers family, died in 2005. He was a good friend and there are hundreds who felt the same about him as I did. How could it be that he had such a wide group of genuine, deep friends? I believe it is because of his real love for people and an exceptional ability to focus his attention on you. When you were with him no-one else mattered. He was deeply interested in you, your family and the things that were taking your attention in life. As such he was also a wise advisor or counsellor. In short, he had an exceptional ability to really listen. The grief that followed his death lasted, for me, for many months, and I…
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