Nigel Ring on April 25th, 2017

Homework – did you do it? Last time I urged you to list the things you felt you could contribute to the church at this stage in your life. I hope you were obedient! I would now like to add some suggestions to your list. Discipleship and mentoring Jesus’ final command was to go and make disciples […]

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Nigel Ring on April 19th, 2017

Defining your current gifting and capacity If you believe that God has not finished with you, you have a responsibility to wait on him to discover what he has for you in this season of life. It may well differ from what you have been used to. Your previous energy and capacity have probably diminished. […]

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Nigel Ring on April 12th, 2017

Those in their latter years What is your attitude now that you are beginning to feel the aches and pains which come with age? What is your attitude to the current church leadership, maybe those who carry the responsibility you once carried? Be grace-filled not grumpy! Battles for each generation I am saddened when I […]

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Nigel Ring on April 5th, 2017

Every family sees the passing of generations. As the Newfrontiers family experiences increasing longevity – nearly 36 years have passed since Terry Virgo drew together the first team (see my recent blog ‘A team is born’) – there is the inevitability of those involved in the early years growing older, both church members and those who […]

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Nigel Ring on November 4th, 2015

Recently I offered to answer questions related to church administration. While responding direct to the enquirer I felt that some answers might be of wider interest. Question It is increasingly difficult to motivate people to join a team and to stay on in that particular team; most people leave the team or lose interest in […]

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Nigel Ring on June 28th, 2014

The Book I have now shared with you the burden of my heart in helping people to find their place of service in the church. As I have already mentioned the material is embodied in the 100 page book Discover and Serve. This includes not only the teaching but all the materials you need to […]

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The final part of our Serving Profile considers Temperament and Spiritual Maturity. Temperament This has already been considered in Part 27. People are asked to indicate where they feel they come in considering the following statements by placing X in the box at the appropriate point along the 4-point scale. 1. I prefer working on […]

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As we continue to develop the Serving Profile we shall now take three aspects that are closely related. Calling, Heart’s Desire There is often a strong link between Calling and Heart’s Desire. We have already seen how some people are passionate about a specific issue or have a strong sense of specific calling. Others may […]

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What is a Serving Profile? We shall be constructing a Profile which will provide the basis of a prayerful discussion with the two facilitators to help find a satisfying and fulfilling place to serve in the church. It has the seven elements we have been considering throughout this series: • Skills/Talents • Spiritual Gifts • […]

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Nigel Ring on April 30th, 2014

Application Over recent months we have seen how valuable it can be to identify the elements of someone’s personality, gifting and availability in determining how they may best serve in the church. But how do we apply this practically? Holy Spirit leading First, and most important, what is the Holy Spirit saying to an individual? […]

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