Rediscovering your roots

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Recently I had the great joy and privilege of spending a few hours with Ben Virgo of Christian Heritage London (Terry and Wendy’s son) as he walked with my sister and myself around some of the Christian landmarks in the City of London. But he did not talk so much about the buildings as the men and women who were pioneers and martyrs in their generation, and in whose wake we now enjoy so much freedom and understanding of the scriptures. As one who failed history at school I found this afternoon with Ben both fascinating and edifying. I can’t stop telling people about it! Let me share some of the highlights. Wycliffe, Tyndale and Wesley Starting at St Paul’s Cathedral, where Ben told us about Wycliffe and his first…
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Freedom Movement – book recommendation

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Are you radical? Radical is a word that gets a bad press these days yet taken back to its origin it is a good word – roots (Latin - radix). Do you know your roots? 500 years on On October 31st we will be celebrating 500 years since Martin Luther posted 95 theses for debate on the church door in Wittenberg. This was the root of the Reformation. Following his striving to please a righteous God, whom he saw with increasing dislike and as a god of anger and hatred, he discovered in the Bible that God does not wait for us to be attractive in order to love us but loves us first! Others were discovering the same truth. One, William Tyndale, was burdened that people could not easily…
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