Swallowed by life – book review

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I was a member of Church of Christ the King in Brighton for over 30 years. A few years ago one of the members, Liz Woodgate, was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the oesophagus hence the title of this recently published book, Swallowed by Life. It is the story of what happened over the following two years at which time she was declared healed! I am not going to spoil the wonder by telling you the whole story but it is very remarkable and brings great glory to God. It is certainly a sign that will make you wonder! The book can also be something of a workshop for us as it teaches us much from the many steps that brought Liz to that wonderful result: Her transparency in her honesty…
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News Jottings – June 2015. Ebola update, Pacific Rim update, Jubilee+ Conference

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Another interruption to my ‘Mobilising volunteers’ series, but various things have come to my attention recently that I think will be of wider interest. Ebola Update There was a very positive response to the appeal in recent months to help people in Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea and Nigeria through our churches. John Hammond, who worked hard to coordinate the appeal, has produced an excellent update. If you wish to have a copy please contact me or John. Pacific Rim Newsletter In recent weeks I have published brief reports from various Newfrontiers apostolic spheres. This Newsletter came to me recently from The Pacific Rim, led by Peter Brooks, and gives some encouraging reports from Australia, New Zealand and Cambodia. Jubilee+ Two weeks ago I had the enjoyable privilege of meeting with a…
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Beating Ebola

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In recent months I have written frequently about West Africa with particular reference to the effects of ebola. I have just viewed this TED talk on the subject of beating ebola, something that a few months ago when I started writing seemed an out of reach dream. Well it does seem to be happening and, rather than write more about the subject I urge you to watch this talk. Click on the picture.
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Ebola affects our friends in West Africa – Part 2: Liberia

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Liberia Last time I reported on some of the challenges faced by our churches in Guinea and Sierra Leone caused by ebola. Now we shall look at Liberia. Jonathan Nathan, from Monrovia, wrote recently to John Hammond (Bedford) who has coordinated the appeal, to report back on the use of the funds sent so far. It reveals some of the difficulties being faced there. 'The churches in Liberia remain thankful to you all for coming to our aid when we really needed your help. 'The first funds you sent (£2500) came at the time free movement was restricted. Hospitals and clinics were all closed and common curable diseases were killing people as a result of the closure of health centres. About 80% of our church members are young people who…
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Ebola affects our friends in West Africa – Part 1: Guinea and Sierra Leone

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First, may I wish you a happy New Year! I trust that the Christmas season has been one of joy for you as we have celebrated Jesus’ birth. Sadly, I am starting the New Year on a sobering topic – Ebola. Twelve months ago most of you reading this blog would not have heard of ebola, so named from the river in Zaire near where it was first identified in 1976. Then the outbreak was short-lived. Now, the widespread reporting of the current outbreak has put both it and the three nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, in all of which there are Newfrontiers churches, into the public’s awareness. So what is happening? Guinea Ebola had just been identified in the forest area of Guinea, near teh Liberian border…
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Karuna – helping leprosy-affected people in Mumbai

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We have all read about leprosy in the Bible, but not many have met anyone who is affected by it. In Mumbai in India there are estimated to be 160,000 such people plus, of course, their families who are also affected by this disease by association. 12 years ago a remarkable ministry started there and the following report celebrates the growth in that ministry of love and compassion (the meaning of the hindi word 'Karuna'). Over 2,000 of these have received over 40,000 treatments! In my estimation it is one of the best ministries I have ever seen, combining love and compassion with a high standard of treatment and impact of the gospel. Enjoy reading about the progress that has been made...
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