Container arrives at School in Guinea

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Jubilee International School On several occasions I have reported on the church and school in Guinea, West Africa. When I last visited to review the progress with the school it was clear that they significantly lacked resources of curricular, laboratory equipment, furniture etc.  So, in recent months I have, with others, been collecting a container-load of school equipment to send to the school. Many people and schools made generous donations in money and finance which has been such a blessing. Thank you! I am delighted to say the container arrived at the school last week and I thought you would like to see some of the joy it has produced. Nicolas Thebault reports that ‘everybody was dancing Monday night in the street when it was opened for the 1st time…
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Next stop….. Guinea. But can you help?

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Jubilee International School JIS in Conakry, Guinea (West Africa) has well over 300 students ranging in age 3-26, the older ones being anxious to catch up with schooling lost when schools have been closed through war, ebola and civil unrest. To view a short video click on the picture. Your help is needed In recent months we have collected resources for the school and church. A container of equipment for the church and school, from furniture to curricular, toys to microscopes, bicycles to wedding dresses, has been filling. We are now nearly there. But musical instruments, PA and other equipment are still needed. Specifically: Acoustic Guitars Bass guitars Electrical guitars Nine- or seven-piece drum set PA system – Amplifier, Microphones etc Projector screen Projectors light (light for filming) Are you able…
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Guinea update

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People seem to have appreciated my recent updates from around the Newfrontiers spheres with whom I have contact. I have recently heard from Guinea and think that, following ebola and my appeal for sponsorship for school children, this would be of interest. Thank you to all who helped with the ebola appeal and who have offered to sponsor a child. We do still need more sponsors - £10/month. Can you help? If so click here to request details. Newsletter from Nicolas Thebault Last week I was in a taxi driven by a 77 year old chauffeur! This person explained to me as we were returning home that the new drivers do not know how to drive and the new police officers do not know the driving code because everyone buys…
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Beating Ebola

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In recent months I have written frequently about West Africa with particular reference to the effects of ebola. I have just viewed this TED talk on the subject of beating ebola, something that a few months ago when I started writing seemed an out of reach dream. Well it does seem to be happening and, rather than write more about the subject I urge you to watch this talk. Click on the picture.
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Ebola affects our friends in West Africa – Part 1: Guinea and Sierra Leone

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First, may I wish you a happy New Year! I trust that the Christmas season has been one of joy for you as we have celebrated Jesus’ birth. Sadly, I am starting the New Year on a sobering topic – Ebola. Twelve months ago most of you reading this blog would not have heard of ebola, so named from the river in Zaire near where it was first identified in 1976. Then the outbreak was short-lived. Now, the widespread reporting of the current outbreak has put both it and the three nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, in all of which there are Newfrontiers churches, into the public’s awareness. So what is happening? Guinea Ebola had just been identified in the forest area of Guinea, near teh Liberian border…
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Your help is needed for Child Sponsorship

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An appeal This is unashamedly an appeal for the school children in Guinea. Much has appeared in the press recently about Guinea due to the ebola crisis. I arrived on my most recent visit in April as the outbreak was occurring. Until this devastating news broke most people would not have heard of Guinea or have been able to locate it on a map. Guinea is a desperately poor nation in West Africa with over 60% of the adult population being illiterate. The Newfrontiers church in the capital, Conakry, is trying to help change this through the Jubilee International School. Jubilee International School JIS started in 2006. Since then it has grown to over 300 children ranging in age from 3-26 years. Yes, I really do mean 26! Due to…
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