Nigel Ring on November 2nd, 2016

Does your church minister in isolation with those who are poor or in need, or does it work/network/partner with local agencies and stakeholders? Healthy changes There was a time in the UK when churches were viewed with suspicion by local authorities. I am sure that is still the case in some areas. But with financial […]

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So far we have seen how to consider different issues related to the ministry and have captured ideas for improvement. We now need to take these forward to a finalised Action Plan. 4. Identifying and agreeing improvements to be made By the end of Day 1 many sheets of notes have been blue-tacked to the walls […]

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Having outlined the philosophy of ‘pursuing excellence’ we shall now look at the process of carrying out a Ministry Health Check with a ministry team. 1. How long does it take? Two days, or the equivalent, are needed for the process to be carried out. This may seem a lot of time but to lessen it […]

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Last time I proposed that a church’s ministry with the poor should be excellent. Let me now share some ministries in which I have helped develop Action Plans for further improvement of what were already good ministries. School In Guinea, in West Africa, I helped evaluate a church-based school with which I have worked for many […]

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In the coming weeks I will share how I believe churches can carry out excellent ministries with the poor. I believe that is on God’s heart. It is good At creation we repeatedly read that God looked on all that he had made and declared it to be good (Gen 1:4, 10, 12 etc). Sadly, when the […]

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Nigel Ring on December 12th, 2012

What a Christmas present! Community Money Advice, which began in the Newfrontiers church in Burgess Hill and is now based in the Newfrontiers church in Shrewsbury, has just been chosen as one of only 60 charities to receive the highly prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award. This amazing and ‘good value’ support ministry now has […]

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Nigel Ring on August 16th, 2012

Post Olympics I hope you enjoyed the Olympics! It seemed a great occasion that lifted the atmosphere in the UK. And wasn’t God good in giving us such fine weather compared to the previous ‘x’ weeks!! Now we are into holiday time in the UK so this will be my last posting until September. Friends […]

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Nigel Ring on August 1st, 2012

Facilitation Facilitate means ‘to make easier’. That encapsulates the role of the facilitator; he or she is there to help the discussion flow and to make the whole process as easy as possible to achieve good outcomes. With this in mind it is usually best to have someone facilitating a meeting who has no personal […]

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Nigel Ring on July 26th, 2012

Furniture! The layout and comfort of chairs are key contributors to the success of a meeting! Yet they are often neglected. This is true of a church meeting as well as of meetings of elders, trustees etc. For instance, prayer and participation in ‘body ministry’ is greatly helped by people being able to see each […]

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I have just returned from a meeting that is very relevant to this series. So, contrary to what I had anticipated in this posting, I am going to share my experiences as they illustrate what this series is about and how powerful the process of Facilitation can be. What is Jubilee+? I was invited to […]

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