Nigel Ring on October 3rd, 2016

Jubilee International School On several occasions I have reported on the church and school in Guinea, West Africa. When I last visited to review the progress with the school it was clear that they significantly lacked resources of curricular, laboratory equipment, furniture etc.  So, in recent months I have, with others, been collecting a container-load […]

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Nigel Ring on June 10th, 2016

When Sam Amara, a lecturer in Hebrew and Greek languages in the Pentecostal International Bible Seminary in Nigeria, met Simon Pettit from Jubilee Church, Cape town in 1997 he gained a new understanding of the doctrine and practice of grace. As a result he planted a church, Riches of Grace, in Lagos. Recently I had […]

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Nigel Ring on December 15th, 2014

An appeal This is unashamedly an appeal for the school children in Guinea. Much has appeared in the press recently about Guinea due to the ebola crisis. I arrived on my most recent visit in April as the outbreak was occurring. Until this devastating news broke most people would not have heard of Guinea or […]

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Nigel Ring on May 9th, 2014

Last year I published two reports about the excellent Dihlabeng School on the South Africa/Lesotho border. I have now just received a request to publicise an opportunity for a teacher to join this school. If you have opportunity to publicise this in your church I should be grateful if you would do so. Are you […]

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Nigel Ring on January 21st, 2014

Recently I had the joy of visiting my old friends John and Alex Kpikpi in Ghana. John brings apostolic oversight to Newfrontiers churches in seven nations in West Africa, most of which he has planted. As well as giving some training in various administration matters to the church and school staffs, and some one-to-one mentoring, […]

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Nigel Ring on April 16th, 2012

In part 1 of this report about the multi-cultural Dihlabeng School, situated near the border between South Africa and Lesotho, Margaret Grant, the Founder, Visionary and Principle, shared about the History and Vision. Now she shows how effective the school is at fulfilling this vision, how she has obtained funding and some of the lessons […]

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Nigel Ring on April 10th, 2012

Examples of Good Practice In the last section in my book The Poor deserve the Best (see side panel) I have included reports from various development ‘sectors’ to illustrate good practice and to give key considerations for others who may be considering starting a ministry in the same sector. This and the next posting was […]

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