Nigel Ring on January 6th, 2016

Look back, look forward 2015 has ended and with it the final date has passed for the Millennium Development Goals to be achieved. How successful have been the efforts to tackle them? Recently I read a helpful article by Chris Hoy on the Overseas Development Institute’s website which gives some indication of areas of success and failure. This […]

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Nigel Ring on December 16th, 2015

Factfulness How many people will there be in the world in 2100 compared to now? How many babies are born per woman in different regions of the world? What percentage of relevant aged girls are enrolled in primary school worldwide? What is the average life expectancy across the world – 50, 60 or 70? To find […]

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Nigel Ring on March 26th, 2012

Gospel Impact As I travel to churches helping them think through the key issues to launch a ministry with the poor I invariably contrast what the church has to offer compared to secular NGOs and aid agencies. There are areas of similarity and areas of contrast. The biggest contrast is that we have a ‘secret […]

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Integral part of the community The church, by its very nature, is an integral part of the local community. It is made up of people from that community and is well equipped to understand and contribute to the welfare of the community. In this respect, also, it usually differs from the secular agency, although there […]

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Having looked at some of the characteristics that relate to the secular agencies we will now look at some of the distinctives of the church in its development work. However, I must stress that this is inevitably a somewhat simplistic overview and there is often significant overlap between the practice of the church and the […]

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In the last blog I looked at the first three of five characteristics which I consider to be particularly applicable to a secular agency namely: 1. Expertise 2. Resources 3. Size 4. Quick fix 5. Staff mobility We will now look at the fourth and fifth characteristics. Quick fix An aid agency may be particularly […]

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News First, the International eNews of Newfrontiers has just been published. Do you receive it? It is a newsletter which ‘visits’ four nations each month to bring updates of what is going on in and through Newfrontiers churches. To view it or receive this regularly click here. Now, lets return to the series on Christian […]

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Having explored some of the definitions of ‘Development’ and ‘the Poor’ in the last blog we will now look at some of the differences between the world’s and church-based models. First, I would like to look at a variant of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need. Maslow’s pyramid of need Maslow was a psychologist who developed […]

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Nigel Ring on May 17th, 2011

Recently I gathered the students from my church, Church of Christ the King in Brighton, UK, who were taking degrees or modules in Development Studies from the local universities. I had become aware that these courses, being secular in nature, tend to discourage our students by having little place for the spiritual dimension of mankind. […]

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