Africa Study Bible – Book Recommendation

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This is a remarkable Study Bible, a ‘must’ for every African or anyone who loves Africa. Goal The goal of the African Leaders who produced this study Bible was to ‘help us grow strong in Jesus Christ and to give us insight about God’s word to the continent and to the world as God’s word through African eyes’. Why ‘African’? As a study Bible this one is full of illustrations and teachings to apply the scripture culturally to everyday life in Africa. It includes excellent articles and ‘learn notes’ interwoven with the biblical text to help the reader apply what he or she has been reading to their own cultural situation. There are 130 of these. Articles include topics such as ‘Caring for God’s Creation’ (following Genesis), ‘African Traditional Beliefs…
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A Church for the Poor

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How 'accessible' is your church? If someone from a local run-down housing complex in your area walked into your church would they come a second time? Many churches have become so ‘middle class’ that they represent an unwelcoming environment for those from different socio-economic levels of society. The authors of ‘A Church for the Poor’ come themselves from very different backgrounds. Martin Charlesworth was educated at a private boarding school whereas Natalie received free school meals. In their very disparate backgrounds lies their authenticity and credibility in joint-authoring such a book as this, a book that fills a unique place in the plethora of books about how to build church in our generation. Analysis Presented in two distinct parts this book first analyses the causes of poverty and gives a…
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Freedom Movement – book recommendation

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Are you radical? Radical is a word that gets a bad press these days yet taken back to its origin it is a good word – roots (Latin - radix). Do you know your roots? 500 years on On October 31st we will be celebrating 500 years since Martin Luther posted 95 theses for debate on the church door in Wittenberg. This was the root of the Reformation. Following his striving to please a righteous God, whom he saw with increasing dislike and as a god of anger and hatred, he discovered in the Bible that God does not wait for us to be attractive in order to love us but loves us first! Others were discovering the same truth. One, William Tyndale, was burdened that people could not easily…
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Swallowed by life – book review

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I was a member of Church of Christ the King in Brighton for over 30 years. A few years ago one of the members, Liz Woodgate, was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the oesophagus hence the title of this recently published book, Swallowed by Life. It is the story of what happened over the following two years at which time she was declared healed! I am not going to spoil the wonder by telling you the whole story but it is very remarkable and brings great glory to God. It is certainly a sign that will make you wonder! The book can also be something of a workshop for us as it teaches us much from the many steps that brought Liz to that wonderful result: Her transparency in her honesty…
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It is not death to die – book recommendation

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In his book ‘It is not death to die’ Jim Cromarty shares the story of Hudson Taylor, the story of a man of faith. Arguably one of the most effective missionaries of all time Hudson Taylor’s heart was set on taking the gospel to China from a young age. To this end he trained in medicine, having to overcome his poor background and the lack of finance to achieve this, and learnt how to share the good news of the gospel with the poor in the area in which he was training. China Inland Mission founded At the age of only 21 he first travelled to China and made several more visits in the next 12 years before God called him on Brighton beach to found the China Inland Mission…
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Heaven is for Real – book recommendation

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Some years ago I read Heaven by Randy Alcorn and was greatly helped by the Biblical handling of this subject. More recently I have read Heaven is for Real. This is very different, being a testimony of a very young child who visited heaven while undergoing surgery. I find the accounts of what he experienced, which emerged only over a protracted time period, very authentic, especially as they were corroborated scripturally by his father, a pastor, who was at first inclined to some disbelief.   Synopsis The family had been going through a testing time. The father, Todd, had had several serious challenges – kidney stones, a compound fracture in his leg playing softball and cancer, accompanied by the associated financial pressures of the American medical system. As they were coming…
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