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Regular readers of my blog will know of my love for and involvement in Burundi. We now have a need and I would really appreciate your financial help.

The Problem
Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world and one that lives in crisis due to political instability. A few years ago a Burundian friend realised that one of the reasons for so many living in poverty was the cows. He felt God say ‘Cows are the problem – cows are the solution’. Since he implemented the ‘solution’ over 400 families have been lifted out of abject poverty and the number is rising steadily.

Why are cows the problem?
The traditional Ankole long horned cow is seen as a status symbol – the more you have the greater your status. Yet it is in fact bad news! It yields very little milk (max 2 litres per day for 10 weeks after calving), roams and overgrazes the land, keeps children out of school in order to follow them into the hills and so on.

Why are cows the solution?

  • The Friesian cow continuously yields up to 15 litres per day
  • It can be contained in a paddock, thus releasing the children to attend school
  • It can be fed elephant grass, a cash crop which provides income for the farmer
  • 15 litres are far more than most families need in a day so the surplus can be sold
  • All the milk is pasteurised so health is improved
  • Pasteurisation requires labour so provides employment
  • Families, especially children, get improved health through regularly drinking milk
  • Selling the milk provides others with employment
  • Income to the families from the sales allow for school fees to be paid, an improved diet etc

So this is a win-win good news story! Have a look at the video (don’t forget to turn on the sound!).

Milk for Transformation Enterprise 2018

Check out the new Milk for Transformation film and discover in just 2 1/2 minutes how a whole community has been transformed and lives are being impacted across Burundi through cows and their milk. In the coming days we will be sharing plans for scaling up this amazing enterprise so even more people can be helped and how you can be involved. Please like our page to keep updated!

Posted by Hope for Tomorrow Global on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Milk for Transformation
This project has been running successfully for six years. During that time pasteurisation equipment has been purchased (some specially designed and built) to replace the crude method of boiling all the milk over charcoal. But, due to the current internal unrest it has been difficult to maintain the process; the equipment has had to be repeatedly relocated as it has no permanent home.

How you can help
Now land has been purchased and funds are being sought to put up a building. Are you or your church able to help this important initiative? I rarely use this blog to ask for money but I do so unashamedly now. Will you please help us? You can donate here.

For more information about this initiative please click here.

Thank you!