Building a Culturally Diverse Multi-site Church

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Over the past five weeks we have considered what is required to build a multi-site church, basing it on the experience with Emmanuel Church, Brighton. I want to conclude this series with the experience of Kings Church, London which changed to a multi-site church in 2011.

A few years ago King’s Church, Catford, as it was at that time, outgrew their building. They were also in a part of London which included very diverse cultures. In this conversation Steve Tibbert shares some of the issues they address as they grow, currently being on three sites with plans to open a fourth one in the next few months. They have been very intentional in approaching the diverse cultural differences in their congregations and have sought to build an integrated culturally-diverse church. This is part of their vision and philosophy.

I hope you enjoy this interview and find in it matters from which you can learn about the importance of seeing cultural diversity as a very positive aspect of local community.