Days of Prayer
I have recently had a chance to join yet another apostolic sphere of Newfrontiers, this time for a couple of days of prayer. What a joy! This pattern of prayer for leaders was established in the ’80s by Terry Virgo and has been the engine room of much of the blessing that has been enjoyed both in and through the family of Newfrontiers churches for decades.

I also took the opportunity to interview Guy Miller – see below.

Mike Shore leads prayerAround 120 leaders gathered in Bournemouth under Guy Miller’s leadership including leaders from Serbia, the Philippines and the Middle East. We were also joined on Skype by Mike Shore from Portugal who led us for a whole session in prayer for Portugal and Spain. It was exciting to hear of and pray for the six churches and church plants that are taking place there, some having arisen through ministry with the poor. Praise God for being able to use current technology to enjoy ‘family-live’ across the nations.

God’s Sovereignty
The first session was given over to worship and the sense of God’s sovereignty was almost tangible. Mark Landreth-Smith, currently church planting in Newbury, reported of an extraordinary surge of salvations in The Gate in Reading with a reported 1000+ being prayed for with many receiving Christ on the streets in less than two weeks. It seems there is something quite special going on among many Baptist churches in the UK.160615 Guy and Heather Miller

Guy then shared his personal story within the context of his time in Newfrontiers’ churches as a way of sharing his vision for Commission for 2020 and beyond.

Planting in other nations
Serbian leaderI always get excited to hear of fresh initiatives in other nations. Stories were told of effective ministry in India, Nepal, the Middle East, Portugal and Brazil. Miro Fic, a leader from Serbia also held our attention as we heard of his energetic ministry into eight Balkan nations, building networks, publishing 80 titles of books in 10 years (previously there had been only three!), Serbiafeeding 200 weekly for 3 months from a church of only 12 people and describing some remarkable healings which had opened up families to receive the gospel. It was a privilege then to join in prayer for the various ministries and churches he is involved with.

The final session was given to praying for Westpoint, the long established Commission Bible Festival held annually at the end of August. There was great faith for this event with its exciting and interesting programme. Earlier in the two days one leader had described how God had called him to church plant in another nation at a previous Westpoint and was now on the verge of relocating with his family after a season of preparation. That is what it is all about – worshipping and listening to God and then responding in obedience. I shall certainly be visiting!



Video interview
While with these leaders I took the opportunity to interview Guy. I hope you enjoy hearing from his perspective what is going on and is planned.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 18.10.58

Footnote about the poor
Commission churches are very active in their ministries with the poor. I encourage you to visit their website to read and watch videos about some of the exciting things they are doing.


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