I have been writing this blog for about 6 months and am aware of a growing following, so some may have missed the early material. To help you find that material it seems appropriate at the turn of the year to Index these 6 months. Clicking on the Topic will take you to the first in the series.

There have been 3 main series on Biblical Administration and The Poor. There are also some Ministry Reports and National Reports, and two on Conference Administration which punctuate these Series.


June 17th – Aug 29th Lessons from Jesus the Administrator in Mark 6. Jesus – The Administrator!
Sept 3rd – Oct 22nd Some ‘good practice’ Indicators when ministering with the Poor. The Poor deserve the Best – part 1
Oct 26th – Dec 15th The gift of administration in 1 Cor12, the practice of administration and characteristics of the Administrator in Acts 6, and more characteristics of the Administrator in 1 Tim 3. Biblical Administration – part 1

Ministry Reports

Nov 27th Ministry Report 1 – Money Advice
Dec 17th Ministry Report 2 – HIV/AIDS in the Mumbai slums

National Reports

Jun 28th Zimbabwe – a caring response
Oct 7th Crises in Africa (including video)
Nov 16th Famine in Kenya (including video)

Conference Administration

July 8th Administration helps God-encounters
Sept 9th Conference planning

The next series on Time Management will begin in the New Year.

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