Stop Child Witch Accusations

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The issue of children being accused of being witches would be way outside the experience of most of us. Yet, in some parts of the world, this phenomenon is widespread.  What makes the situation worse is that the resultant child abuse through various ‘deliverance’ practices is often carried out by church leaders, although there are also many church leaders who are working hard to address and stop this form of abuse. Susie Howe, wife of one of the elders of a Newfrontiers church in the UK, came across this practice while ministering to vulnerable children in Africa. A previous posting tells you about that work. Since she became aware of this practice, she and others she is working with have expended immense energy in trying to stop the practice and to teach…
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Zimbabwe – a Day of Change, a call to Prayer

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  Remarkable changes are taking place in Zimbabwe. Let’s look at recent events. Recent history Tuesday November 14th According to a post on Scott Marques’ Facebook page church leaders ‘had the joy of being lead by the President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Dr Shingi Munyeza - at the national AGM - in what felt like extraordinarily sincere repentance by the church. We turned away from all trust in man, all trust in money, all idolatry, all hatred, all corruption, all greed, all bitterness, and all sin which has had devastating sway in the church, let alone the nation as a whole. We cried out to God that He would work out His purposes WITH US, and then THROUGH US to the nation. I was greatly inspired by this…
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Empowered and buzzing – Jubilee+ conference report

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The annual Jubilee+ conference is one of the first dates in my diary each year. It combines helpful impartation of knowledge with worship, vision, networking and a time of prayer. This year’s conference in Cambridge lived up to my expectations. During the week running up to the conference, one of Natalie Williams’ friends at King's Church in Hastings had said to her that she felt that Jubilee+ has been like a deep-sea oil rig, pushing deeper and deeper, sometimes through rocks that were hard to budge, but that this year's conference would be as if we had finally struck oil. (Natalie is one of the core team of Jubilee+.) That accurately reflected the day. During the conference, delegates were coming out of main sessions and seminars saying how profound they…
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Around the Newfrontiers apostolic spheres – Christ Central

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From time to time I bring a report from one of the Newfrontiers apostolic spheres when I meet up with an old friend who leads one. It is always such a joy to hear what God is doing around the world and how he continues to show favour on us as an ever expanding family of churches. Recently, while at a day with the Jubilee+ team to which Jeremy Simpkins and I had been invited, we were able to grab a few minutes to reflect together. I hope you will enjoy eavesdropping on our conversation. Spheres networking together When Newfrontiers was redefined in 2011 as a network of apostolic spheres we felt it important that spheres were to be both autonomous and interdependent. As a network of spheres we recognised that some of the…
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