Nigel Ring on May 31st, 2017

But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand (Isaiah 32:8) Introduction The local church is frequently undergoing change, yet the skills needed to carry out these changes do not come into the normal training packages of leaders in the Newfrontiers family. With this in mind I invited Gary Borland to write a […]

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Nigel Ring on May 25th, 2017

Burundi has a chequered history. It experienced revival as part of the East African Revival in the middle decades of the twentieth century and then inter-tribal civil war through the 1990s and into the new century. Tension continues to exist to this day. On the UN scales of poverty Burundi features near the bottom. The […]

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Nigel Ring on May 17th, 2017

I was a member of Church of Christ the King in Brighton for over 30 years. A few years ago one of the members, Liz Woodgate, was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the oesophagus hence the title of this recently published book, Swallowed by Life. It is the story of what happened over the following […]

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Nigel Ring on May 10th, 2017

In this concluding part of the series I want to continue to help church leaders in the challenging task of ensuring that all members are achieving their God-given place of service in the local church, particularly, in this context, the older members. Crowning Years Recently I attended the thanksgiving service for Alun Davies, a godly […]

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Nigel Ring on May 3rd, 2017

I now want to speak to church leaders. One of your primary responsibilities is to present every one of your members ‘mature in Christ’ (Col 1:28) – a life-long process that does not end at ‘retirement’! It includes helping them to reach their full potential and bring their gifting to the benefit of the community. When we […]

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