Heaven is for Real – book recommendation

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Some years ago I read Heaven by Randy Alcorn and was greatly helped by the Biblical handling of this subject. More recently I have read Heaven is for Real. This is very different, being a testimony of a very young child who visited heaven while undergoing surgery. I find the accounts of what he experienced, which emerged only over a protracted time period, very authentic, especially as they were corroborated scripturally by his father, a pastor, who was at first inclined to some disbelief.   Synopsis The family had been going through a testing time. The father, Todd, had had several serious challenges – kidney stones, a compound fracture in his leg playing softball and cancer, accompanied by the associated financial pressures of the American medical system. As they were coming…
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Win win – Businesses to improve health and empower entrepreneurs

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Milk for transformation I get excited when I hear of projects that bring a ‘win’ at every level. I have previously reported on the Milk for Transformation enterprise in Burundi. This business provides rural families with milk-producing cattle which both provides income from the surplus which can be sold and also removes the need for children to miss school to tend the less productive local cows as they wander the hills. It also employs young men to transport the milk to the city, others to pasteurise the milk, and yet others to sell the milk at the lowest possible price. Finally good nutritious milk reaches children in the slums: Win… Win … Win … Win … Jibu Water Project I have another friend, Randy Welsch, who, with his son Galen,…
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Container arrives at School in Guinea

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Jubilee International School On several occasions I have reported on the church and school in Guinea, West Africa. When I last visited to review the progress with the school it was clear that they significantly lacked resources of curricular, laboratory equipment, furniture etc.  So, in recent months I have, with others, been collecting a container-load of school equipment to send to the school. Many people and schools made generous donations in money and finance which has been such a blessing. Thank you! I am delighted to say the container arrived at the school last week and I thought you would like to see some of the joy it has produced. Nicolas Thebault reports that ‘everybody was dancing Monday night in the street when it was opened for the 1st time…
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