The Irresistible Revolution – book recommendation

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Holiday reading Looking for holiday reading? Recently a friend lent me a copy of Shane Claiborne’s book The Irresistible Revolution, first published in 2006 but which has now been updated and republished. Good move! This is well worth reading if you are prepared to be challenged about how radical you are in your walk with God. Off to India Shane Colborne is no ‘ordinary’ Christian (I wonder what one would look like?). But he does believe that living out the Christian life should be challenging and radical. Having been challenged by some of his college friends who used their spare time visiting people who were homeless in the city he set out to start his exploration of radical Christianity with a visit to Mother Theresa in Calcutta. Living and working…
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Jubilee Plus and an interview with Martin Charlesworth

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How did it start? Several years ago Martin was invited to set up an initiative to help UK-based churches to engage more effectively with those who are poor or in need in their local communities. Adopting the vision statement - To see the Church in the UK be a champion of the poor and a means to healthy communities across the nation - Martin and a core team have worked tirelessly to develop strategies for Social Action, Social Justice and Social Enterprise. In many ways they have ‘punched well above their weight’; they have developed a network across many streams and denominations, have entry into places touching national strategy for the poor, and have served many churches directly or indirectly in helping raise the excellence of their ministries. Communication This…
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A new website for Newfrontiers

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Gains and losses In recent weeks I have sought to give an overview of some of the apostolic spheres. The feedback has been very encouraging. People clearly seem to enjoy catching up with other members of the Newfrontiers family. So I was particularly delighted to learn recently that a new website has been launched. The transition five years ago was essentially positive – to see Terry Virgo’s reflections on this go to my last blog – but it did also have some negative aspects. Particularly, ‘decentralisation’ and the necessary closure of the Magazine resulted in easy access to news from around the world substantially evaporating. A hunger for news This desire for information from across the spheres still existed in the hearts of many people who have enjoyed the international fellowship. So,…
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