Nigel Ring on June 25th, 2015

Some key aspects to motivating people are Cause and Community Encouragement Affirmation Satisfaction Support Resources Last time we looked at the first two. Now let’s consider the others. 3. Affirmation Affirmation is first cousin to encouragement; as we affirm people we are saying ‘I believe in you’. A little affirmation and encouragement goes a long […]

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Another interruption to my ‘Mobilising volunteers’ series, but various things have come to my attention recently that I think will be of wider interest. Ebola Update There was a very positive response to the appeal in recent months to help people in Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea and Nigeria through our churches. John Hammond, who worked […]

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Nigel Ring on June 10th, 2015

In the world people are paid for their work. The higher the pay the greater the motivation. Wrong! Although people should be paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work a wage increase is, for most people, only a short term reward and recognition of effort and responsibility. It does not motivate in a […]

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Nigel Ring on June 3rd, 2015

I will continue my series on Mobilising Volunteers next week but this week I want to share about an exciting Newfrontiers project and ask for you help. An initiative has been launched to archive Newfrontiers material from around the world. This has arisen from closing the Newfrontiers office in Hove in 2011, requiring storage of […]

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