Nigel Ring on February 18th, 2014

While we, in the UK, are battling widespread flooding our brothers and sisters in northern Kenya are being impacted by the worst drought for many years. Edward Buria, who oversees the Newfrontiers churches in Kenya and has an amazing track record of bringing much needed help to the tribal groups over recent years as they […]

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Heart’s desire in practice As I look at our church I am aware that there are many ministries that have arisen over the years that have started with individual members of the church who have had a ‘heart’s desire’ to see something happen. These are most conspicuous in ministry with people who are poor or […]

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Why do people serve? When people serve they can do so for a variety of reasons. Let’s name some: They feel they ought to out of a sense of duty. Nb ‘Ought’ is a dangerous word. Analyse why when you are tempted to do something out of ‘ought-ness’. God loves willingness. They want to please […]

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