Pray for Kenya

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Elections I have never before used my blog as a vehicle to urge prayer but as I write this I am in Nairobi and am aware of tension in the air. It is in the run up to the Presidential Election and there is a growing sense of apprehension as Election Day approaches on March 3rd (followed by a second day on 17th if there is no majority winner on 3rd). Prayer is urgently needed. Looking back The last election was just after Christmas in 2007. Before results were even declared major conflict arose between the various tribal groups as accusations of rigging were widespread. Thousands of people were killed as neighbour turned on neighbour, and tens of thousands were displaced as they fled from their homes; some have still…
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Foreign to Familiar – book review

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Foreign to Familiar Paradoxically Foreign to Familiar (McDougal Publishing) is both an easy read and a challenging one. It is in a style that is very accessible, is a relatively short book of only 120 pages and is liberally illustrated with personal experiences of the author. But, as one who has travelled quite widely in different cultures, I still find it challenging. Too often I find myself re-reading it and thinking ‘Oh dear, I have made that mistake .... and that one...'! This book is a ‘must read' for those who are interested or involved in cross-cultural mission. Sarah Lanier is well qualified to write on this topic having lived and ministered across six continents over the last 30 years, and being a speaker of six languages. When ‘no' means…
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