Urgent: Kenya – the crisis continues

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I am taking the liberty of passing on the details of an email I have received from Rob Williams who leads the Finance Team in the Fulham Office. He and I travelled to Kenya in January. It seems the crisis brought on by drought continues. The following text messages have been sent by Edward Buria to Rob. 13/08 "Checking with you if there could be some funds in the crisis funds, we still remain in great need of assisting our brothers and sisters in the affected places. Thanks Edward" 18/08 "We have large large payments to make as several dams are completed and rendered for. God bless. Edward" 21/08 "Am deep deep in Samburu leading out team in relief supplies as the situation has become so bad... God is with…
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Helping Homeless People

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Post Olympics I hope you enjoyed the Olympics! It seemed a great occasion that lifted the atmosphere in the UK. And wasn't God good in giving us such fine weather compared to the previous ‘x' weeks!! Now we are into holiday time in the UK so this will be my last posting until September. Friends First Church of Christ the King in Brighton has had a ministry to homeless people for about 25 years. Starting with a ‘soup kitchen' it developed first into a one evening per week drop in for a meal, clothing hand-outs and hearing the gospel. Ten years ago the church purchased a house for 12 people who have demonstrated their desire for help towards independent living, having come off any addictive substances such as drink or…
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Karuna – helping leprosy-affected people in Mumbai

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We have all read about leprosy in the Bible, but not many have met anyone who is affected by it. In Mumbai in India there are estimated to be 160,000 such people plus, of course, their families who are also affected by this disease by association. 12 years ago a remarkable ministry started there and the following report celebrates the growth in that ministry of love and compassion (the meaning of the hindi word 'Karuna'). Over 2,000 of these have received over 40,000 treatments! In my estimation it is one of the best ministries I have ever seen, combining love and compassion with a high standard of treatment and impact of the gospel. Enjoy reading about the progress that has been made...
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Helping make decisions pt 5 – the Facilitator’s role

Administrative Skills, Equipping, Facilitation, Good Practice
Facilitation Facilitate means ‘to make easier'. That encapsulates the role of the facilitator; he or she is there to help the discussion flow and to make the whole process as easy as possible to achieve good outcomes. With this in mind it is usually best to have someone facilitating a meeting who has no personal involvement in the topic. It is then possible to be completely ‘outside' the discussion and merely to help people move from one aspect to another by monitoring how it is going and determining when all the juice has been squeezed out of a particular topic. Prepare for informality A discussion of this sort can appear to be relatively unstructured. Indeed, it is important that people do not feel constrained by a rigid structure since different…
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