Nigel Ring on July 26th, 2012

Furniture! The layout and comfort of chairs are key contributors to the success of a meeting! Yet they are often neglected. This is true of a church meeting as well as of meetings of elders, trustees etc. For instance, prayer and participation in ‘body ministry’ is greatly helped by people being able to see each […]

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I have just returned from a meeting that is very relevant to this series. So, contrary to what I had anticipated in this posting, I am going to share my experiences as they illustrate what this series is about and how powerful the process of Facilitation can be. What is Jubilee+? I was invited to […]

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Nigel Ring on July 10th, 2012

As we continue to look at making decision-making more efficient (and, I hope, enjoyable) we will now look at the people involved and how they flow together. It may be helpful to say that this part, particularly, applies to any small group in the church, whether decision-making or just meeting weekly for encouragement and discussion. […]

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Nigel Ring on July 5th, 2012

Facilitation What an unattractive word! Yet behind it lies an important skill; that of helping a group discussion to be fruitful and come to meaningful conclusions. In this short series I will share some of the things I have learned when I have been a facilitator in various settings. For instance, when I help a […]

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